Mrs. Pam Tennant

In by Brad Tipper

Pam has been a Kinesiologist since 1982. She took her first TFH course with Heidi Cramb in a desparate attempt to regain her failing health. She became an instructor for TFH after an ITW with Dr Dewe in 1985 and has taught all levels of TFH since that time. Pam took the PKP classes in the very early days when Bruce and Joan were still developing the material. She continues to update her knowledge with regular repeat workshops as well as exploring such other areas as Reiki, Pulsing and Massage. Pam has had a clinic since 1985 where she uses the PKP process as her prime modality. Pam is excited about the new BKP courses. “I’ve taught lots of TFH 1 classes, but nothing has the impact of BKP 101 as an introductory class”, she says.

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Home Phone: (06) 753-4412
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