Margaret J Baxter

In by Brad Tipper

Be all you can be! It is time to make the change and take control of your own health wellbeing and nutritional and spiritual needs so you bloom into the flower you were born to be. Everyone has potential, we all have different levels of stress management, but if I can show you a way to reduce the stress level from 100% to 0% would you be interested?

The art of knowing yourself with new techniques to aid you every day.
I will show you methods that can be used with family and friends that are invaluable support tips.

Energy reset and accomplish your desires.
First Aid for the Soul

It only takes an hour to change your life.
With Personal Practice
Doing Workshops
Have a Professional Career

Other Qualifications:

Faculty PKP IV+

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Home Phone: 0044 131 664 0315
Mobile Phone: 447522019573