Elisa Picó Reig

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Around 2001 my life changed drastically when I was diagnosed with cancer. So, I started my transformational journey recreating myself again

Now, I can give thanks to the experience that made me know myself at many different levels. It was especially the deep love for life, my family, and my friends that helped me heal, and I did everything in my power to stay here.

What I offer is part of what I experience during those special times. Having a second chance allowed me to truly and authentically give back.

Your life is meant to be empowering, interesting, authentic, and fun- full of curiosity – about yourself and the world. I am here to support you and help you to bring that new reality. Bringing joy, enthusiasm, and peace back. I am here to accompany you in your healing journey at your own pace.

Trained in various modalities, I can offer a rainbow of different healing paths. I am an animist by nature, active in collective healing, and passionate about restoring connection with the Earth and all forms of life.

I have committed myself to working with people who wish for self-transformation, peace, and inner connection. My role is a supportive one who walks the path.

A little bit of me.

From a young age, I have always been captivated by the mystical nature of life.

In 1992, I had a spiritual experience that pushed me to finally start looking for answers to my endless questions. And so, I started my mystical path through nature, including yoga and meditation, when all was not so popular.

In 1993 I moved to the United States; it was there where I fell in love with the performing arts as a means of evolution, channelling, liberation, and expression of myself. Inspired by that deep passion and intelligence for the body and its forms of expression, I continued the investigation and practice of ancient traditions.

Now I live in Canada, the ancestral land of the Cree and Black Foot, where I fell in love with the land and people in a secluded place in Central Alberta. This space allows me to focus on my work in a tranquil and serene environment and still be connected worldwide.

Other Qualifications:

Ancestral Repair Lineages Practitioner
Shamanic Energy Medecine ( Psychopomp-Trained by the shamanic lineage Q’Eros from the Andes)
Somatic Experiencing
Touch For Health instructor
Craniosacral practitioner

Contact Elisa

Work Phone: 1 (403) 430-0162
Email: onawellness@gmail.com
Website: https://www.onawellness.com/