Verena Stevenson

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PKP Qualifications:
  • Certificate in Professional Kinesiology Practice (Kinesiopractic® Level 1)
  • Diploma of Professional Kinesiology Practice
  • (Advanced) Diploma of Kinesiopractic®
  • Graduate Diploma of Kinesiopractic®
  • Diploma of Dietary and Nutritional Science
  • Diploma of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation & Reintegration
  • Diploma of Learning, Metaphysical, Holographic & Vibrational Energies
  • Diploma of Energy Psychology
As a PKP™ Practitioner, Verena Stevenson uses the PKP™ Fingermode Protocol with clients.

Ever since I came first in contact with kinesiology I was fascinated by its potential. After immigrating to New Zealand I was fortunate to study with one of best colleges and most passionate teachers in the world: ICPKP. Having studied also other kinesiological systems and modalities, I am still intrigued by PKP’s super holistic nature and its qualities of an open system that can accommodate continuous learning and growth.

At my practice I see people of all ages. I love to empower clients to unlock their own healing potential through the use of this modality. 

With almost 20 years of experience, I have developed a special interest in applying kinesiology to chronic conditions and to provide complementary care in an open hearted and compassionate way.

The techniques I use are safe, painless and provide me with often incredible insights to determine and address the underlying causes of individual health concerns.

Usually subconsciously held stress patterns also show which makes it possible to work with a wide range of issues, no matter if dealing with a weakened immune system, digestive health, ADHD, behavioural issues, food-sensitivities, back pain, learning disorders or stress and its far reaching effects on the body.

My goal is to support my clients to overcome their challenges in the most effective and practical way and to see them succeed.

It is a real privilege for me to connect to your body’s innate wisdom and to awaken more choice, healing and health.


Other Qualifications:

International Diploma in Kinesiology
Post Graduate Diploma in Kinesiopractic
Quantum Reflex Analysis Practitioner
NLP Practitioner

Contact Verena

Work Phone: 09 8366210
Mobile Phone: +64 210391800