Allice Becher

In by Brad Tipper

Kinetica Movements is a holistic health service and training network, established and run by Allice Becher, Professional Kinesiology Practitioner

Allice works within the field of Specialized Kinesiology, a multi-disciplinary model of treatment encompassing the wholistic approach of Body, Mind and Spirit. She specializes in an integrated therapy approach trained to release the physical structure, mental/emotional pain and tension and deals with emotional shock, trauma and phobias. Nutritional Stress also plays a large part in wholistic healing and we include this aspect of health with all treatments, helping you identify foods and supplements that increase your energy and foods that stress your body. With a good track record of groundbreaking results constantly seen in the clinic, you can feel confident that we will not shy away from any challenges you may be facing at this time.

Other Qualifications:

Professional Kinesiology Practitioner

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Work Phone: 604-943-4000