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Kelly Allison Kinesiology+ provides a supportive and nurturing environment with guaranteed small class sizes to ensure that all learning styles are catered to and that students graduate with the utmost confidence in their abilities.

Providing a supportive and nurturing environment, with guaranteed small class sizes, Kelly Allison Kinesiology+ is located in Inner City Melbourne.

Kelly is offering the International Certificate in Professional Kinesiology Practice, which provides, in depth, all of the fundamental skills and knowledge you will need to become a PKP Kinesiology Practitioner.

Kinesiology is a hands-on healing modality and Kelly’s number one goal is to create as many opportunities for students to have supervised and hands-on experience so that they graduate from the course feeling extremely confident in their abilities.

All classes are taught in person and encompass a combination of theory and practical training and held in a dedicated teaching room in Kelly’s clinic, The Holistic Hub in Middle Park.

Contact Kelly if you are ready to develop the skills and confidence you need to become a Kinesiology Practitioner and she the life changing benefits of Kinesiology with your family, friends and future clients.


Contact Kelly Allison Kinesiology+

Phone: 0412 658 370
Address: Middle Park VIC, Australia

Qualifications and Courses we teach

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