The Body’s Superficial Energy Connections

In by Brad Tipper

The Body’s Superficial Energy Connections

Prerequisite: None

Meridians, organ systems, surrogates, 14 muscle Goal Balance

This unit introduces an understanding of the philosophy, principles and history of Kinesiology; to extend the understanding of meridians and their related organ systems and to develop proficiency in a 14 muscle wheel energy balance.

Those completing this unit will be able to perform a 14 muscle goal balance and utilise the More and Priority modes. They will be able to work with surrogates, describe body movements in anatomical terms and create a simple record of a client balance.

What you will learn in BKP 104™:

  • Major organs of the body
  • 2 six new yang muscles:
    Fascia lata
    Anterior deltoid
    Pectoralis major clavicular
    Anterior tibials
    Teres minor
  • Thie 14 muscle balance – fix-as-you-go
  • More mode
  • Body movements
  • Using a surrogate for the client
  • Using surrogate muscles
  • Using surrogate structures
  • Knowledge of the principles and philosophy of Kinesiology
  • Wheel rules
  • Priority mode
  • Create a basic client health record


  • BKP 1.103

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