Breast and Other Lymph Clearing

In by Brad Tipper

Breast and Other Lymph Clearing

This unit enables you to develop skill and understanding in using PKP techniques to establish optimum lymph flow.

You will study the history of the discovery of the lymphatic system and gain detailed knowledge of its structure, the function of lymph nodes and the composition (and constituent action) of lymph fluid. You will address the topic of lymph drainage, position of lymph nodes in various areas of the body and learn how to work safely and comfortably with PKP lymph flow techniques.

Once you have completed this unit you will have the necessary skills to utilise the retrograde lymphatic technique, work with cervical, maxillary sinus, eustachian, mammary and lower limb lymph flow energy techniques.

Elements of learning:

  • History of lymph
  • The lymphatic system
  • Lymph node function
  • Retrograde lymphatic technique – PE #8b
  • Lymph flow – cervical (neck) – PE #71/2a
  • Lymph energy release – sinuses – St #41/2c
  • Lymph flow – eustachian (middle ear) – El #61/2a
  • Lymph flow – mammary (breast) – PE #71/2b
  • Lymph flow – lower limb (leg) – PE #71/2c
  • Utilise all techniques learned to date within the PKP Balancing Protocol


  • BVL 301
  • A&P1,
  • CBP


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