Functioning as a Practitioner

In by Brad Tipper

Functioning as a Practitioner

Ethics, boundaries, relationships, rapport, records, case studies

To establish, utilise and update a client health record; communicate in a professional manner and set clear boundaries in a kinesiology practice; establish personal ethical behaviour and respect client’s rights in a health care context.

Those who have completed this unit will be able to describe professional health care relationships, set clear boundaries and communicate with both individuals and groups in a professional manner; function in an ethical manner, respect the rights of clients and liaise with other health practitioners in a professional manner; apply client history to establish desired outcomes, maintain client rapport, facilitate client towards self-responsibility model, keep clinical records, make necessary referrals.

What you will learn in BKP 110™:

  1. PKP – Client History
  2. PKP – Client Rapport
  3. Ethical behaviour in a health care context
  4. Consumer rights in a health care context.
  5. Creating a PKP clinical record
  6. Update a PKP client health record
  7. Using a client health record and creating a case study
  8. PKP – Referrals
  9. Describe professionally conducted health care relationships
  10. Professional communication with individuals
  11. Professional communication with groups
  12. Setting clear boundaries in a professional manner in a kinesiology practice
  13. Contributing to the development of Kinesiology
  14. Maintaining compliance with legal requirements
  15. Summative assessment preparation


  • BKP 1.109