Clinical Practice Management 3

In by Brad Tipper

Clinical Practice Management 3

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Following on from CPM2, this unit takes you much deeper into running your business.  Rather than what needs to be done in the organisation, we will be looking more at the culture of the organisation, how you can be sure its activities are legal and ethical, and how to make sure everything stays on track. By the time you have completed his subject, you will be familiar with the principles and approaches that apply across the board in the health industry, and have developed a performance management system for your own business.

This unit contains the following two Australian national qualification standards:

  • HLTHIR501C  Maintain an Effective Health Work Environment
  • HLTHIR506C  Implement and Monitor Compliance with Legal and Ethical Requirements

Elements of Learning:

  • Managing the health work environment
  • Ethical behaviour in organisations
  • Managing workplace communications
  • Legislative requirements
  • Record keeping


  • Clinical Practice Management 2

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