Clinical Practice Development 1

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Clinical Practice Development 1

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There are two aspects to this subject: personal growth and building your business. The focus of this study guide is to develop your own self-awareness and provide a foundation for supporting your clients in their life journey, as well as for your own personal benefit.  The other part of the subject will be covered in Practice Development 2, along with other related topics. Students who are not enrolled in Practice Development 2 must complete additional projects to meet the requirements of this unit; your facilitator will be able to provide these. On completion of this part of the program, you will be able to:

  • Understand and appreciate the human condition, including the influences on human behaviour and health
  • Establish and implement a personal health strategy that is consistent with health discipline philosophy and principles.

HLT07 National Health Training Package. This unit contains the following Australian national qualification standard:

  • HLTSHU509C Maintain personal health and awareness as a professional responsibility

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