Clinical Practice Development 2

In by Brad Tipper

Clinical Practice Development 2

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This unit looks at the process of reflection, which helps you to improve on what you already know and are doing.  Self-evaluation, self-support and supervision from peers and mentors are all included in reflective practices.  Ideally you will undertake this subject throughout the duration of your kinesiology studies.

It also explores the skills and knowledge required to continually enhance professional practices in complementary health care, on a personal as well as a professional level.  Our studies take us into finding, evaluating, utilizing and sharing research, which are important in maintaining your skills as a practitioner and keeping abreast of new developments within your industry.  We will also deepen our understanding of ethics.

HLT07 National Health Training Package. This unit contains the following Australian national qualification standards:

  • HLTSHU509C Maintain personal health and awareness as a professional responsibility
  • HLTCOM502C  Develop Professional Expertise
  • CHCORG428A  Reflect and Improve Professional Practice


  • Clinical Practice Development 1

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