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Hi there! I’m Toosje (pronounced Toesha)

I’ve been working as a Kinesiology Practitioner since 2003. I completed my studies with the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP).

Over the years my work has evolved into an amazing blend of Kinesiology and other modalities including Brain Gym, Primitive Reflexes, Crystal Healing, Medical Intuition, Seichem/Sekhem, Reiki, Sound Therapy, and Sacred Geometry.

I also incorporate my own innate wisdom and knowledge into my work. I’ve always been strongly connected with nature and understood the mysteries of energy and universal laws and found myself nurturing and lovingly guiding people where ever I went.

I feel so passionately about the work I do and love the honour of working with people empowering, educating, awakening people, facilitating positive change physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

My mission: Awaken, Activate, Empower

There is no greater power in the Universe than the power of Love. The feeling of Love is the highest frequency you can emit. If you could wrap every thought in love, if you could love everything and everyone, your life would be transformed.

Return to Love is the concept ascending your consciousness to the frequency of love, to integrate your stories of duality, separation and fear and remembering and awaking to the beauty, love, power and wisdom held within ourselves, nature and the universe. Moving beyond the illusions of the world we live in and accessing your potential to create the life your heart desires, whether that be Health & Vitality, Relationship, Travel, Family, Business.

Empowering people to access, be and live their highest potential. Reconnecting them to their sacred self.

Today sees us as slaves to limiting societal, cultural and family beliefs and ways of living

Our reproductive health has been turned into a medical condition, our food full of toxic pesticides, herbicides, highly processed fast for our convenience and chemical additives that are slowly poisoning us, not to mention numbing our senses and consciousness.

We live in a society that’s based on consuming and filling our lives with materialistic possessions which often don’t bring the happiness we are looking for.

We are ruled by things we feel “we have to do” or “can’t say no to”

Constantly worrying about what people think or how they will react if we speak and live our truth, in the process we are slowly killing that Sacred space within us the spirit of who we are and limit our potential to be do have what really enriches our soul and life, a loving connection with self and others, life experience and connection to the natural world and all its wonder.

When we wake up and stop searching outside of ourselves, realising all we need to do is connect to that sacred part of self within us, love it, nurture it, honour it and listen to its power, love and wisdom we set ourselves free and become masters of our own life knowing that we create our own happiness it’s not something outside of us or we find or acquire, or is dependant on others. We are the source of our own love and abundance.

We shine our beautiful light to the world with a knowing we are sacred beings

When we access and activate this beautiful Sacred space, love, passion and fulfilment flow and our lives are transformed, miracles happen!

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Mobile Phone: 0417 404 385