Ms. Marilyn Buan

In by Brad Tipper

Marilyn Buan is both the practitioner and instructor at The Empress Bridge. She has a strong desire to share her knowledge with others who want to evolve and grow spiritually. Her passion is reflected in all of her private sessions and classes with the belief that all healing begins by re-interpreting what we believe about ourselves. This often requires coming out of denial as well as also being willing to look at the truth of what is occurring in the world around us. She believes that only then will we be able to find solutions to the challenges that face all of us both personally and globally.

Kinesiology Training

Marilyn began her extensive Kinesiology training in 1987 which included becoming an instructor in both Touch for Health and Educational Kinesiology.  She introduced both of these programs into Grant MacEwan and Metro Community Colleges where she taught them and other related classes for a period of eight years. Marilyn has continued to update her knowledge of Kinesiology by training with Dr. Bruce Dewe from New Zealand, the founder of the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice. Her centre became one of two accredited colleges in Canada offering career training in Kinesiology. In 1992 she began offering private sessions to children, teens and adults of all ages.

Metaphysical Studies

In addition, Marilyn has an extensive background in Metaphysical subjects, including numerology, astrology, the tarot and pendulum dowsing. She is also accustomed to including flower essences, essential oils, chakras, as well as crystals and gemstones in sessions with others.

Contact Marilyn

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