Ms Louise Sam-Sin

In by Brad Tipper

Welcome to a new you! Are you ready to embrace your potential for inner wellness?

Available in two locations:

  • SAS Suite, 40 Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 9AA
  • Hilbre Clinic, 3 The Row, Market Street, Hoylake, CH47 3BB

Phone: 07502 564 943
Phone: 0151 648 1583

In 2004 Louise traveled to Australia and fell in love with the Aussie way of life. She began to explore alternative and complementary therapies to support her general well being and niggling health concerns that evaded diagnosis. Over the next 10 years, she found herself drawn back to kinesiology time and again. Its powerful blend of energetic and measurable physical work gave her results every time.

Louise completed her International Cert IV ICPKP kinesiology training in 2015. Having herself benefited from the transformative power of kinesiology, she is passionate about facilitating wellness in others and believes that everybody deserves to live a life that they love.

After returning to the UK, she moved to The Wirral in 2016 and now balances practising kinesiology with raising her family.

Other Qualifications:

International Certificate in Professional Kinesiology Practice

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