Ms Bianca Jewell

In by Brad Tipper

Bianca discovered Kinesiology completely by accident and it is not an exaggeration to say that it totally changed her life. After her first session she felt empowered to make positive life decisions that would eventually lead her to studying Kinesiology and dedicating her life to helping others. Not only is Bianca able to assist with a number of health and wellness issues such as, stress release, pain management, emotional imbalances, nutrition sensitivities, learning and behavioural difficulties, muscle and sporting injuries and goal setting, she is also committed and passionate about assisting people find direction in their life.
Empowering clients and bringing them to a higher awareness, and the factors inhibiting them from being their best possible selves, is something that Bianca is passionate about. With empathy and understanding, Bianca brings her clients to a position of choice enabling them to live full, happy and successful lives.

Other Qualifications:

Diploma in Kinesiology
International Diploma in Kinesiology
Post Graduate Diploma in Kinesiopractic

Contact Bianca

Home Phone: 03 9439 1912
Mobile Phone: 0422 259 052