Alison Finlay

In by Brad Tipper

Hi, I am Alison Finlay, the founder of FinlayKirkman Coaching and Development. I am a certified business coach, guide, mentor and Kinesiopractor® who believes in living life to the full.

I haven’t always been a business owner. For a little over 10 years I worked in the corporate world as a product and brand marketeer. In this role, I headed up small teams with big aspirations and had loads of fun working with inspirational creative agencies. Those aspirations successfully led to winning creative and design awards.

But I was always hankering after a different way of being and was frustrated about the multi-layers and time frames required to instigate a change. In 1999, I jumped at the chance of redundancy as a tremendous opportunity. I took the plunge to pursue my passion in order to help other people find their direction and passion too.

I had became really interested in the world of personal development and love finding out about people. This led me to retrain in a more holistic discipline.

I am now a qualified coach, career guide and Kinesiopractor®, the only one in Scotland.  Over the years I seen hundreds of clients and I’ve advised and coached them to more gratifying and fulfilling lives.

I am based in Glasgow. I enjoy time with family, friends, golfing, walking, travelling, gardening, being creative, cooking, eating, reading and connecting with other like minded people.

Contact Alison

Home Phone: 0141 638 7833
Mobile Phone: 07775 837033
Fax: 0141 638 7833