Mrs Nancy Doherty

In by Brad Tipper

With a background in nursing, Nancy is a NZ Registered Kinesiologist, and a Chartered Natural Medicines Practitioner, and has facilitated over one hundred seminars in Touch for Health, Educational Kinesiology, Brain Gym and Whole Brain Learning.

Nancy has a particular passion to assist children to achieve their full potential and has worked with Autism, ADD, and ADHD and other difficulties. She also used her talents to help athletes to defuse stress and achieve their optimum potential.

Nancy has a keen interest in gardening, kayaking, enjoying nature and family. Nancy also has a newfound passion for beekeeping and its importance on the environment, as well as growing monarch butterflies.

Nancy believes in living in the moment and has completed CHEK HLC Level 3. As Chief Operations Officer for HQH Fitness, Nancy manages the operations team and enjoys working directly with customers and building relationships, and most commonly is the friendly voice that you hear on the other end of the phone line. Nancy lives by HQH Fitness’s dedication to offering prompt and efficient personal service. Nancy’s favourite quote is “Be here now…life is not lived yesterday or tomorrow.”

Other Qualifications:

Registered Kinesiologist

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