Mrs. Kinga Papp

In by Brad Tipper

Kinga is a driven and charismatic individual with a vastly eclectic background in her life and career. Although she initially enjoyed a very successful corporate career in the field of international advertising, she felt that something in her life was missing. Therefore, she packed her suitcase and relocated to the Big Apple, NYC, where she started moving her first steps in the world of natural care and kinesiology.

Today, Kinga is based in London, UK, with an international business, where she specializes in women’s life & health coaching,  using her health, teaching and business background intensively in her work. Her projects focus on helping ambitious women on a mission to achieve success and seize their full potential, while discovering new exciting opportunities stemming from their own values and unique gifts.

A long-time advocate of natural healing and the power of the mind itself, Kinga aims to empower, transform and inspire people with her positive attitude and deep passion.

Contact Kinga

Mobile Phone: 447568581341