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The word “kinesiology” comes from the Greek root kinesis, meaning motion. More specifically, in this case, “The study of movement of the human body”

Kinesiology as we know it today is “the science of energy balancing.”

My definition is as follows:
A technique of facilitation to find, at a causal level, imbalances in the whole body/mind system, using gentle muscle testing as a practical bio-feedback mechanism. Once found, these imbalances are corrected using a variety of simple and safe techniques which can be confirmed by re-testing the previously unlocking muscle and now finding it to hold strong.

Another definition by Patsy Westcott and Leyardia Black from “Alternate Health Care for Women” is: “Kinesiology is a system which links traditional Chinese Oriental ideas of energy flow found in acupuncture with western style muscle testing. The idea is to bring about balance within the body by removing toxins, relieving energy blockages, reducing tension and enhancing the body’s natural healing ability.”

Other Qualifications:

Practitioner, ICPKP Faculty

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