Miss Roxanne Alblas

In by Brad Tipper

Roxanne Alblas is the founder of Health with Heart Kinesiology on the Gold Coast. She opened Health with Heart in 2008 with the vision of creating a Kinesiology Centre that specialized in educating families on how to live more balanced, healthier lives free from stress, pain and health issues.

Roxanne personally loves supporting clients overcome Physical pain, Digestive issues, Emotional Stress and Trauma, Learning difficulties and Behavioural issues just to name a few. Roxanne became a kinesiologist because it was kinesiology that turned her life around at a young age, which then developed her passion of supporting other children to do the same. She is dedicated to sharing her passion of kinesiology with both men and women of all ages in her Gold and Tweed coast clinics. Roxanne knows how it feels to be so tired and exhausted everyday is a challenge to get out of bed. She found kinesiology was the answer for her and her issues now she spends her time supporting others find their answers.

The Centre is continually expanding and now holds regular health information sessions, sharing stress release tips, how to balance and live pain free, food education and group cooking classes.

What Is Kinesiology? How Can it help you? How does it work?

Roxanne helps answer all those question in her short videos on Youtube

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Contact Roxanne

Mobile Phone: 0400 120 385
Email: roxanne@healthwithheart.com.au
Website: http://www.healthwithheart.com.au