Miss Melita Lawn

In by Brad Tipper

Melita is a Registered Kinesiologist, holding an International Diploma in Kinesiology involving 4 years  (3800 hours) of study. Melita is also a qualified NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and uses these techniques to support her Kinesiology sessions.

Having a professional background in the corporate world including careers in Sales and Marketing, Human Resources and Training, Melita understands the stresses that are placed on our working lives. Her training in Kinesiology gives her an in depth knowledge to what triggers these stresses in individuals and how to remedy them.  After spending 25 years helping companies get the best out of their people Melita felt what was really needed was helping people to get the best out of themselves.

“The first time I experienced kinesiology I was amazed by how quickly it identified the underlying reasons behind my problems and physical pain. Once identified it was dealt with just as quickly and effortlessly. It was also a painless process that helped me shift from old patterns and resolved 4 years of painful back problems.  I believe the most valuable aspect of kinesiology is helping people recognise the cause of their problems and how they can help themselves, so they are better equipped to deal with challenges as they happen”.

Other Qualifications:

International Diploma in Kinesiology

Contact Melita

Mobile Phone: 021 669 812
Email: melitalawn@xtra.co.nz
Website: https://www.bebalanced.co.nz/