Miss Lara Goodger

In by Brad Tipper

I am dedicated to offering my clients the same opportunity for health, happiness and personal growth that I have experienced myself and I look forward to sharing the benefits that Kinesiology can bring with you.

I found answers to my own illness through Kinesiology many years ago after a surfing accident in 2001. During treatment with my Osteopath, she referred me to a Kinesiologist. I continued seeing my Osteopath in conjunction with Kinesiology and both my Osteopath and I found that Kinesiology facilitated a faster and more complete recovery.

I am based in the beautiful Yarra Valley in Warburton & I’ve been in private practice since 2008. I enjoy helping adults & children of all age groups with all kinds of health concerns & challenges in life. As many people know, kinesiology is very helpful for animals too & I love working with animals also.

Other Qualifications:

Diploma Registered Professional Kinesiology Practitioner

Contact Lara

Home Phone: 03 5966 5697
Mobile Phone: 0437 188 050
Email: laragoodger@gmail.com
Website: https://www.kinesiology.com.au/practitioners/lara-goodger/