Marcella Russo

In by Brad Tipper

At Kinesiology Integrative Therapies, my mission is to provide a safe haven to bring your health, emotional concerns, your dreams and goals in life. I see each persons’ roadmap to health and well-being as a personal journey that requires individual attention.

Many of us have had the experience of trying to resolve or meet a challenge by doing ‘exactly what someone else did’ or ‘exactly the way they said to do it in the book’ and yet could not achieve the same success. Although we share characteristics, no two people are exactly the same, which is why I believe the answers you are looking for will be unique to you. Unlike other therapies, when you state your goal or issue, Kinesiology lays no preconceived answers over it. Instead, through muscle testing, I use your body’s feedback system to reveal what is needed for your innate healing and well-being. My goal is to work ‘with you’ not on you.

I believe Kinesiology to be a way to individualise your path to better health and well-being, creating the freedom for you to live the life you want.


Other Qualifications:

Cert IV

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Home Phone: 03 9486 2572
Mobile Phone: 0417 086 269