Louise Britz

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Louise Britz is a New Zealand Registered Kinesiologist.  Louise is a Faculty Member of the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice, and studied under Dr Bruce and Joan Dewe, world renowned people in the field.

Having grown up in a medical environment with her father being a medical specialist and her mother a nurse, Louise has had a natural awareness of health practice from an early age.

Louise has a young daughter and after immigrating from South Africa has been living in Auckland since 1997.  She has worked in health-care since 1992, including periods in two medical and psychology clinics.  Louise is now in full-time private Kinesiology practice in Auckland.  In addition, Louise teaches both lay classes and professional training in Kinesiology.

Enhanced Learning and Concentration

Step 1:

Decide on what you want to achieve and formulate your mission statement (Goal).  Be Specific.  For example: 

  • I achieve 85% for my history exam on 25 November this year.  Or,
  • I enjoy studying for my History exam and understand and remember everything I read and hear about it.

Step 2:  Switch on your 3 sets of learning buttons.

First set of buttons:

  • Hold one hand over navel and with other hand use thumb on one side and index & middle fingers together on other side of the breast bone rub the hollows beneath the collar bone for at least 30 secs.
  • Change hands and do the same.

Second set of buttons:

  • Hold one hand over navel.  With other hand place index and middle fingers on top lip and thumb on bottom lip and rub for about 30 seconds.
  • Change hands and do the same

Third set of buttons:

  • Hold one hand over navel.  With other hand rub coccyx for about 30 seconds. 
  • Change hands and do the same.

Step 3: 

  • Do cross-crawl and repeat mission statement while doing eye-modes to access all the parts of your brain. (eye modes means you look up, down, left, right and then at all the points on the compass in a clockwise direction and then anti-clockwise direction).
  • Repeat with eyes closed.

Very Important:

When you start studying, make sure you set your alarm clock for 20 mins. Then take a break for a few minutes, just enough to repeat the above exercise and drink a glass of water. 

Start studying for antother 20 mins. 20 Mins. is the optimal concentration time. Remember to Drink that glass of water!!!

Breathe deeply and start again for another 20 mins. of study.

Repeat until you feel you need a longer break (at least 3 or 4 sessions), then switch off completely for half an hour or more, and start again.

Keep believing in yourself. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

The main purpose of this exercise is to integrate left and right hemispheres of the brain and body.  Learning is not all in the head ‚Äì all of your body, mind and emotions are involved.  For optimal concentration,  make sure you eat well. 


Thinking and learning requires a lot of energy and your body and brain needs all the nutrients it can get.  Keep a plate of healthy snacks nearby to nibble on while you are studying.  This will avoid wasting precious time looking around for junk food to munch on when you get hungry during your study time.  Also make sure that you have a bottle or jug of water within reach.  Water helps conductivity of electrical impulses in the brain while making all those new ‚Äúconnections‚Äù.  You don’t want to become dehydrated while studying!

Good brain nutrients include:

B-Complex, Carotenoid Complex, Salmon Oil, Flavonoids, Betacarotenes, Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Cal-Mag and Aloe Vera. (All available through GNLD and RBC).  For further enquires contact Louise at:  quietpl@ihug.co.nz or by telephone in New Zealand:  +64-9-630 5455.

Note:  When purchasing nutritional supplements, I recommend that you only go for non-synthetic and preferably organic products.  Should you need any further information with regards to obtaining these I’ll be happy to advise you.




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