Ms. Anna Neradilkova

In by Brad Tipper

Anna Neradilkova has been working with Kinesiology since her first encounter in 1993 when it helped her through serious digestive and biochemical imbalances. Traditional western medicine treated only the symptomology while kinesiology enabled her to address priority stresses that attributed to the imbalance.

Since that critical time, after training in Touch For Health, Anna continued in kinesiology training whilst also completing higher university education which would later provide valuable application and integration within clinical kinesiology.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of kinesiology is watching clients continually grow to their own wisdom. The other is teaching. It is special to watch clients and the general public create a thirst for the wealth of information that kinesiology has to offer. The most exciting aspect is the exponential growth of that knowledge as new fields of health care are integrated and fused with kinesiology. Already we are seeing doctors, dentists, physiologists and psychologists use it, as well as naturopaths, homoeopaths, reflexologists, massage therapists and many more professionals unmentioned above. Anna has taught people from all walks of life, some of which are nurses, teenagers, grandparents, mothers, and fathers. Before setting up practice in Sydney, Anna gained much of her public and seminar/demonstration experience from working in the pharmacological environment where she gave weekly public kinesiology demonstrations. These were a valuable vehicle for the general public awareness and knowledge of kinesiology and through these Anna developed a strong client base. After extensive Kinesiology training and completing her university degree, whilst practicing in clinic with kinesiology Anna was also involved in counselling for two years before committing her full-time energy to her kinesiology practise.

Anna teaches the Touch For Health Synthesis as well as Basic Kinesiology Practitioner Workshops 101 – 110. In the near future she will also teach BUK ( Beginning of Understanding kinesiology)Please contact Kinessence for class dates and details. Enquires welcome.

How can Kinesiology help you?

Kinesiology balances the structural, nutritional and emotional and by doing so, the following areas are addressed:

  • poor posture
  • forgetfulness
  • life coaching
  • nutrition and food sensitivities
  • pain
  • headaches
  • dyslexic patterns and learning impairment
  • daily stress and anxiety
  • muscular tension
  • putting control back into your life
  • speed up healing and recovery time
  • digestive disorders
  • energy disorders such as chronic fatigue
  • life purpose/direction
  • helps children with concentration and creativity
  • neck problems/tension
  • sports performance
  • lower back pain
  • TMJ dysfunction

What clients have said about Kinesiology

“The sense of well being as a result of kinesiology sessions has exceeded my expectations. It has enabled me to take on new challenges that I previously was neither physically or mentally able to attempt. It has unlocked a confidence within that has helped me achieve my goals and I thank Anna for her skills and compassion.” F. McCullough

“I have tried for years many different types of treatments from specialized Western medicine to herbs and acupuncture, but none of them have had the profound and wholistic effects that kinesiology has had on my health. It was the key to unlocking my own inner strength and ability to self heal.” K. Fuller

“Although it is difficult for me to verbally express how sessions of kinesiology helped me, I did recognise an inner change that took place. I placed trust in Anna and the process and found that subconscious emotions and feelings were able to surface and I was able to better deal with them.” L.Lockwood

Modalities Anna Uses and Services provided:

  • Touch For Health I, II, III, IV
  • Professional Kinesiology Practitioner I, II, III, IV
  • Neural Organisational Technique Basic & Advanced
  • Three in One Concepts :
    • Tools of the Trade
    • Basic One Brain
    • Under the Code
    • Advanced One Brain
    • Louder Than Words
    • Structural Neurology
  • Edu-K – Brain Gym
  • Educating Alternatives :
    • Beginning of understanding Kinesiology
    • Healing Principles
    • Blueprint
  • Counselling Kinesiology

The Process

After identifying factors blocking the natural healing process, kinesiology then uses specific techniques to assist the body in reaching its own equilibrium, by relieving pain, stress, muscular and nervous disorders, detecting food allergies/sensitivities and nutritional imbalances.

Clients come with a variety of symptoms, however no matter what they are, the power is in identifying why and how they arose, and why the body is not able to balance itself in relation to these things. The range of conditions and stresses kinesiology addresses is quite amazing simply because every problem has found its own unique way to every unique individual.

The beauty within sessions is discovering the bigger picture of what’s going on and which systems are not functioning to the best of their ability then clearing all these systems. Some of the clients come with chronic fatigue, headaches, migraines, sports injuries, post car accident traumas, fears and phobias, many children with learning/attention difficulties and digestive stresses.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology literally means ‘the study of movement’, in particular the study of muscle coordination in the body. Kinesiologists use muscle monitoring as an indicator of stresses and imbalances in the body.

Kinesiology is a very powerful tool which combines non-invasive muscle monitoring with traditional theories of Chinese medicine to evaluate energy (meridian flow) and body function through the brains neurological responses. Daily stresses, trauma and health issues we face create an imbalance, affecting body function, meridian flow and emotional wellbeing.

Origins of Kinesiology

Kinesiology originated in 1964 with the discoveries of chiropractor George Goodheart. He found that by using chiropractic techniques, muscles previously inhibited could be restored to facilitation, enabling other muscles to regain full function and result in better health and posture. This technique is known as Applied Kinesiology which chiropractor John Thie in 1970 used to create the Touch For Health home care program for his own chiropractic clients so that they also could maintain their health with simple techniques. Thie’s aim was for this information to benefit as many people as possible which indeed it has.

TFH instructors independently teach in over 50 countries all over the world and kinesiology has branched into areas of nutritional analysis, stress management, educational and learning issues, psychology and strains/injuries.


Anna Neradilkova is also a registered instructor of kinesiology. Workshops run throughout the year. For dates and times contact KINESSENCE.

Begin a new career, you can become a Kinesiologist.

This is an exciting new opportunity to either start a new career or whilst developing your greatest potential, use your new skills to help others achieve their greatest potential.

 In the Touch For Health Synthesis (60hrs) you will:

  •  Learn the art of muscle monitoring

  • Understand how Traditional Chinese Medicine theory applies to our muscles, emotions, sounds, colours & food sensitivities

  • Relieve pain – recent/chronic

  • Have fun

  • Enhance vitality, physical performance & mental/emotional awareness

  • Apply what you learn immediately within class practise

  • Obtain an internationally accredited certificate

  • Learn techniques such as emotional stress release, improved sensory input, vision improvement, integration and co-ordination, foods enhancing energy, emotional & physical balancing.

  • Meet interesting people

  • Receive 15 hrs accreditation and certificate after every level. (Each level 15 hrs, 4 levels)

Most rewarding of all, you will begin to understand why and how our body behaves and by tapping into the internal switches, you empower to change it!

Bookings & deposits essential.

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Contact Anna

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