Miss Tina Papas

In by Brad Tipper

Tina is passionate about Kinesiology! After being in Practice for 10 years, Tina has seen a vast improvement in clients, and is keen to help you bring out your best! She finds it very rewarding helping people and seeing clients reach their goals. She loves being able to help her clients achieve in areas that they were previously held back by blockages / sabotages. If you feel there is any area of your life that is causing conflict, or you just would like to move forward from an issue, Tina would be pleased to help you. Kinesiology may assist on many levels – physical pain, emotional pain, mental blocks, spiritual level, financial, social etc. Contact; Tina Papas ph; 0411 59 2266 purplebalance@optusnet.com.au

Contact Tina

Mobile Phone: 0411 59 2266
Email: purplebalance@optusnet.com.au