(L to R) Larry Green, Dr Bruce Dewe, Arlene Green and Dr Walter Schmitt

Dr Bruce and Joan Dewe would like to acknowledge the recent passing of their friend and one of the founding fathers of Kinesiology, Dr Walter Schmitt. ICPKP Faculty Members Arlene & Larry Green recently shared this touching tribute to Walter:

“Sadly, we lost one of the giants in the field of Applied Kinesiology and friend to us in TFH [Touch For Health], Dr. Walter Schmitt just a few days before Thanksgiving. Affectionately known to his friends and colleagues as Wally, he grew up as Dr. Goodheart’s next door neighbor. Inspired by Dr. Goodheart’s work, Wally attended Duke University then chiropractic school and went back and practiced with Dr. Goodheart for about 5 years. He settled in Chapel Hill, NC where he practiced for the next 40+ years. Known worldwide throughout the field of AK for his brilliant research and excellence as an AK teacher, Wally was just one of the nicest guys around! I had worked for his brother John back in ‘89 and over the years we got to know him both professionally and socially. We often shared a dinner when Dr. Dewe came to town and we were delighted he accepted our invitation to speak at three of the TFH conferences – in 1998, 2005 and 2015. He once shared with us that the three men that had the most impact on his life were his dad, George Goodheart and John Thie!”