FAC 1 Online attendees from around the world are fully focused.

ICPKP Professional Faculty Trainer, Denise Gurney, has been running a pioneering Online Faculty Admission Course (FAC) Level 1 during March 2022. At the time of writing they are partway through and all adapting nicely to the online learning environment. Denise sent us this quick report:

“Here’s a screenshot of our pioneering class – we are having a terrific time and getting re-inspired for our teaching of all the BKP units and lots of other things too. We represent six time zones and five countries, so big applause for Helen who has to get up at ridiculous o’clock to take part.”Penny is the assistant faculty who can step in when the parcel delivery arrives at Denise’s door, or in case she gets called away. Thank goodness for eagle eyed and detailed thinker Penny!”We are seeing some very creative demonstrations and muscle teaching, all done with people being on their own, sometimes in public internet places while travelling. What an astonishing group of intelligent, flexible and fun loving people. We are learning from each other’s strengths, and being patient with each other in this new technological universe.”

Denise Gurney, Professional FAC Trainer, ICPKP