Naomi Pickles and her Cert PKP™ class of 2021.

ICPKP Faculty Member Naomi Pickles, Principal of Enliven Kinesiology, has been guiding her students through the Certificate in Professional Kinesiology Practice, while navigating the challenges of Covid19 restrictions. Naomi says, “This group has been an absolute pleasure and delight to teach and their ability to pivot and adjust during COVID has been incredible.”

Four students have shared what this year has meant for them:

“It has been an invaluable learning experience for me, and not just in a professional sense but in the way it has helped me to flourish & grow as a person. I am so grateful for the wisdom, support and encouragement of Naomi, and the safe space we were held in each time we all came together to learn.”

Breanna Z

“Oh my what an amazing experience this has been! With an outstanding teacher, role model and mentor Naomi, an awesome group of fellow kinesiologists in training this wouldn’t have been as enjoyable without you all! The material covered in BKP has been brilliant, I’ve loved learning 5 element theory, finger modes, and muscle testing all such powerful tools to guide and facilitate friends, family, and clients to self empowered solutions! I look forward to integrating BKP and can’t wait to go on to Diploma! Thank you again Naomi and fellow students for your dedication and support! Much love to you all!”

Austin E

“Studying Kinesiology has been one of the most empowering and liberating experiences of my life. I’d always been interested health, the human body, and helping people improve their vitality. I had originally started on the path to study Medicine but quickly realised that I was looking for something with a more integrated approach. Something that took modern medicine’s incredible knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, and coupled it with the art and practices of traditional medicines and subtle energy therapies. I found this in Kinesiology. Even though I live and work in Wollongong, I made the decision to study in Albury with Naomi at Enliven Kinesiology Centre. Naomi came highly recommended and having family in Albury helped with the juggle of my two children while I attended class and clinic. While it was a commitment to drive 5 hours each way, every month, it was absolutely worth the energy, time and logistics of making it all happen- even in the middle of multiple lockdowns.”The process of learning this practice has enriched my life in so many more ways than I could have anticipated. I have new skills, perspectives, knowledge and understanding from my studies, helping me grow into a practitioner. But it’s also impacted me as a human being too – improving the way I think, speak, listen, and ultimately how I show up in the world each day. And it is for those changes that I will be forever grateful.”To those that are feeling the pull or calling to this practice I would say jump in, and soak in the process, it’s such an empowering journey. And you gain the gift of being able to help other rediscover their power, and ultimately change their lives. The learning and the practice, is and continues to be, such a privilege.”

Emily L

“Kinesiology to me has revealed additional perspectives, awareness, investigative techniques & myriad applications that I feel are fundamental to unlocking further potential wellbeing in myself & in anyone who chooses to participate in Kinesiology. It has matured confidence, expanded knowledge, insight & understanding in myself & others. Has increased the utilization & application of my existing skills. Has expanded my wellbeing & restored my passion for experiencing more happiness, positive creativity & balance in more areas on more levels & assisting others to create the same. Awesome! GO Kinesiology !!!”

Julie Saunders BHSC, Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, Health Coach, RM