Touch for Health Kinesiology – Dr. John Thie DC

In by Brad Tipper

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In the 1960s Dr. George Goodheart, DC, a chiropractor founded and developed Applied Kinesiology (AK) which is a diagnostic system using muscle testing to augment normal examination procedures.  AK is concerned primarily with neuromuscular function as it relates to the structural, chemical and mental physiologic regulatory mechanisms. Dr John Thie DC was one of the original 12 chiropractors to take an AK course.

John quickly realised that a set of 14 of the muscle tests that related to the 14 Chinese meridians could be taught to clients to help them manage simple imbalances in their energy systems. He asked Goodheart to write a simple manual for patients. Goodheart said, “If you want or need it, write it yourself.” John did this with the assistance of a patient, Mary Marks, and Touch for Health (TFH) was born. All sorts of people took the course and TFH grew into a huge organization spanning the globe.

In 1990 the NZKPAB Expert Panel wanted to use TFH as the basis for a Diploma in Kinesiology for professionals in NZ.  The NZQA refused to accept, as the basis for professional training, a self help book clearly written for lay people to help themselves and their families. Dr Dewe asked Dr Thie for help and he replied, “If you want or need it, write it yourself” using Dr Goodheart’s now famous words. Bruce and Joan did just that and BKP 101 – 105 were accepted by NZQA as the basis for (non-diagnostic) professional training.

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